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About Five Days in Bogotá

Gallery owner Ally Blake risks everything to exhibit at a fair in Bogotá. She needs wealthy collectors to save her family from bankruptcy. When her crates are lost, and an ex-boyfriend involves her in a money laundering scheme, she devises a strategy to thwart the fraud. But pulling it off will require her to make the art deal of a lifetime.


January 2023

Jan 13:  Melbourne Australia via zoom

Jan 17:  Point Loma Book Club

Jan 18: Milwaukee WI Book Club
Mission Hills Book Club 

Jan 19: Junior League Actives Book Club

Jan 21:  San Francisco Book Club

Jan 25: JL Transfers Book Club
La Jolla Book Club

Jan 26:  Salida, Colorado Book Club

Jan 28:  Sustainers Book Club 

February 2023

Feb 7:  Denver, Colorado Book Club
La Jolla Book Club

Feb 11:  San Diego Museum of Art Book Club

Feb 16:  Kukui Ula Kauai Book Club

Feb 23: Connecticut Book Club

March 2023

March 26: Laguna Beach Book Club

April 2023

April 19: ZLAC Rowing Club Crew XII

April 20: Carlsbad Luncheon 

April 24: Bankers Hill Book Club

April 25: James River Club- Richmond, VA

May 2023

May 10: Palos Verdes Book Club

May 18: Bank Square Bookstore, 

              Mystic, CT
May 20: Elm Street Bookstore, 
               New Canaan, CT
May 23: Best Book Club Point Loma
May 25: Sioux Falls, SD
May 26: Montana Book Club

June 2023

June 5: Mingei Museum Docents Book Club

June 7: La Jolla Book Club

June 15: Arvida Book Store, Tustin, CA

June 25: Reno Art Museum Book Group

June 26: Reno Book Club

August 2023

Aug. 4: Payson Book Club Scottsdale

Aug. 23: Encinitas Book Club

September 2023

Sept. 1: Bouchercon Panel on Treasures

Sept. 7: La Jolla Sunrise Rotary Club

Sept. 10: Stanford Book Club of Palos Verdes

Sept. 13: Sandy Point Book Club

Sept. 14: Stanford Book Club
Mystery Book Club San Diego

October 2023

Oct. 18: Philidelphia DaVinci Book Club

Oct. 24: Chicago Book Club

Oct. 26: La Mesa Book Club

November 2023

Nov. 1: Tacoma Community College Book Club

Nov. 3: Talk Story Bookstore - Kauai

Nov. 4: Solana Beach Book Club

Nov. 10: Kauai Writers Conference

Nov. 16: Book Photo Shoot Easter Island


Praise for Attribution

“Desperate for meaning and to fill the hole left by her younger brother's death, an art historian searches for a lost painting-and finds herself. Gorgeously written, and as rapturous as a Van Gogh, Moore's book is a winner."

—Caroline Leavitt, New York Times Bestselling Author of Pictures of You and With or Without You


“Moore’s passion for art, and her deep knowledge of the field, makes Attribution as beautifully rendered as the mysterious painting at the center of its gripping mystery. An engrossing debut about the importance and power of truth.”

—Stacey Swann, author of Good Morning America Book Club Pick Olympus, Texas


"Moore knocked me out with this high concept, arthouse puzzle. I was on my heels the whole time, in the best way, gobbling up the next clue as the book pushes toward an evocative crescendo. A fascinating debut."

Josh Mohr, Author of Model Citizen: A Memoir



Attribution is an intriguing art-historical fantasia. I loved reading it!”

—Edward J. Sullivan, Professor of the History of Art, New York University

"Moore delivers a riveting, flawlessly paced plot full of unforgettable characters, satisfying turns, and the complex workings of an art world the author knows intimately. . . . At stake are the reputations of leading historians, the legacy of one of the great master painters, and the brilliance of the women relegated to their shadows—until now."

—Angela Pneuman, award-winning author of Home Remedies and Lay It on My Heart

The compelling story of a young woman’s journey to unravel the past and unlock her future.



The compelling story of a young woman’s journey to unravel the past and unlock her future.