Five Days in Bogotá

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Published by: She Writes Press
Release Date: May 14, 2024
Pages: 304
ISBN13: 978-1647426125

Ally Blake risks everything to exhibit at an art fair in Bogotá in 1990. She needs to meet wealthy collectors to boost her gallery's sales and save her family from bankruptcy. When she discovers her art crates have been tampered with and two paintings worth millions-that do not belong to her gallery-have been placed inside, her plans unravel. Chief among her problems is US Political Attaché David Martinez, an ex-boyfriend and former colleague from her posting with the State Department in Santiago. He attempts to drag her into a scheme to sell paintings seized from drug lords at an art auction and use the proceeds to fund a war Congress will not approve. Ally refuses. She devises a strategy to thwart their fraud, protect her children, and secure her family's future-but pulling it off will require her to make the art deal of a lifetime.


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"Love thrillers? Me, too, and Linda Moore's whip-smart Five Days in Bogotá adds extra ammunition to the genre, with a feisty art collector heroine on the verge of bankruptcy, who has to thwart an art fraud, nefarious ex-boyfriend, and even drug lords, in order to keep her family safe. A hold-your-breath read about what we do for love-of family and of art."
- Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You and With or Without You

"It's rare to encounter a book that so convincingly and vividly evokes a time and place, as 'Five Days' does with Pablo Escobar's Colombia. Part thriller, part historical fiction, part glimpse into the small but intriguing world of international art dealing, it's great fun and a worthy read."
- Ron Currie, Jr., author of One-Eyed Man

"Five Days in Bogota is a gripping literary thriller that sweeps you into the international art world from the first page. Colombia is brought vividly to life, as is the darker, seamier side of the art trade with moments of heart pounding tension that will leave you breathless."
- Lyn Liao Butler, Amazon bestselling author of Someone Else's Life

"A . . . romp through the beauty and mysteries of Colombia. Each page is rich with adventure and intrigue!"
-Joshua Mohr, author of Model Citizen, A Memoir